Referral Questions

  • What was the biggest mistake he made in the role? How did he survive after that?
  • Weakness - Where do you think he is more likely to fail? Why?
  • Why should I not hire him? / Why should I hire him?
  • If I were to hire him and six months from now you heard he was fired without other context,  what would be your best guess as to to the reason?

  • Is there anyone he didn’t see eye-to-eye with? Why?
  • Are there instances when he didn't agree to the top management. Why?

Excellence & 
  • Strengths - Where do you think he is more likely to succeed and excel? Why?
  • Where would he fit in the percentiles of the best folks you've worked with. Why?
  • Would you hire him again? 
    • If so, would you rehire him without hesitation? 
    • Create a role for him if you didn’t have one? 
    • Only hire him in the right role?
  • How would you change the role we’re considering him for to best suit his abilities?
  • Did he have setbacks? What are they? How did he handle them?

  • How hungry is he for results, for example, what is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen him do to achieve a goal?
  • Examples where he made a huge impact to business
  • Examples where he changed the course of business with his ideas and execution
  • Examples of stiff architectural problems he solved

  • If i were to ask his manager, reportee, peer - what would they say? Good vs Bad
  • Reference to couple of folks he mentored. How are they doing? What did they learn from him?
  • Examples where he showed great leadership. What was the situation? and how did he act?
  • What was his leadership philosophy

  • What are his passions in and out of work?
  • Did you notice any area where he learnt and improved dramatically?

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