Product Requirement Document

A simple PRD template

What is it?

<< Your one sentence pitch on what this release is >>

This is ________ that solves/helps ________ by improving _____ by _____%.

What is the customer problem?

Why are we solving this problem?

How did we validate this problem exists?

 What customer problem are we solving? (your explanation needs to be as clear as mid day sun)

• Why are we solving this problem?  (talk about why is this important to be solving now?)

• Does data show there's a problem?

• Did customers come back and ask (if yes, mention the customer name with quotes)


What's in scope?

What's not in scope?

What are the assumptions?

Are we building the right 'solution'?

• Mention the scope of the proposed solution

• Clarify if we would be building in stages

• Clearly mention what this isn't so that stakeholders don't make wrong assumptions

• Outline the BIG assumptions we made in coming up with the solution

• How did we validate our solution?

Include any links to customer conversation 

(ex. Provide a quote from a customer 

that describes how they experienced the benefit., 

user research etc.)

What does success look like?


Current Metric (before release - dd/mm/yy)

Target Metric (after release + x days/months)

Qualitative aspects

List of metrics you will be measuring

• P999 Response time < 1s

• Conversions

What is the current value of these metrics?

What are we aiming for?

1. Customer Happiness

2."Your app is loading fast"

3. "I love this new feature, makes my life easy" etc.

Release date & Launch plan

Release plan (beta-release)

Release plan (full-release)

Customer Success Education Plan

Sales Education Plan

PR plan

• Date of Release 

• List of accounts

• Customer Education plan

• Email on <date>

• In-app tour on login

• Blog on <date>

• Date of Release 

 List of accounts

• Customer Education plan

• Email on <date>

• In-app tour on login

• Blog on <date>

• Date of Education <date>

• Links to training material

• Date of Education <date>

• Links to training material

• Date of Education <date>

• Link to Press Release

User Stories



User Story




Short identifier for the story

Describe the user and what they are trying to achieve

Must Have

• Additional considerations or noteworthy references (links, issues)


User interaction and design

Include any mockups, diagrams or visual designs relating to these requirements.

Learnings & Action Plan

What went well?                       

What didn't go well?


Action Plan

Metrics - did we hit our targets?

Customer Feedback

Metrics - why did we not hit our targets?

Customer Feedback

Unique insights we gathered

Next steps - ideally the Product Requirements doc for next version


Below is a list of questions customer might ask and our answers:

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